Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Hour Friday October 21

Oh October, you lovely goddess you. It is in full-swing here. The glorious colors, the grey flannel skies crosshatched with orangey sunset. The windswept rain. The pumpkin everything. I adore this month! How can you not love October? I have finally gotten to work on my boy's Halloween costume. He is going as our college mascot...Freddie Falcon. Wearing the football jersey over his wings, orange shorts over his tail. I am struggling a bit on the beak part. But the wings, oh momma, the wings will be so fun! I can't wait to share pictures with you. This costume is not sewn at all. I promise lots of fun info on it. He will be the most adorable junior falcon around!

So, it is finally happy hour again. Things around here are looking up. Life is settling back down and so too is my anxiety and stress. Or maybe I'm managing it better. Who knows. But I feel good. Here are my lovely things this week that I am giddily happy over...

A new yoga DVD set that arrived on our doorstep on Monday...time to get my mellow work-out groove on.  I may not like to run.  May not like to do the 30 day shred, but give me some yoga and a mat and I'm one happy lady!

Sweet potatoes!  Our CSA happens to grow the best in the universe.  I am not even exaggerating on this.  We arrived last Saturday for pick-up and they had some sweet potatoes that were nearly as big as the butternut squashes sitting there.  And the taste is out of this world.  I am dreaming of roasted cubes of deep orange, baked sweets in their red jackets, casseroles topped with praline, savory hash and more. 

Costco and the awesome finds yesterday.  Divine black patent leather ballet flats.  Grey wool pea coat. A Stila make-up palette. And Marc Jacobs Lola perfume.  It was a girl's shopping dream come true! Sometimes I find nothing but food and electronics I don't need.  This time was the motherlode.

A date with my sweetheart.  We needed a night out like none other.  And at our favorite restaurant, with our favorite wine, eating our favorite foods.  Nothing makes me feel better than time away with him.  And let me just say, I was divinely happy after our weekend.  I really am one lucky lady! 

Now it is your turn...what is your good fortunes?  Share a little bit of happiness in the comments for happy hour today, and then have a delightful weekend friends!