Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Okay.  Time to eat my slice of humble pie.  This girl is suffering from a serious case of writer's block.  Not even a case, I'd say a chronic, wretched, awful course of it.  Every time I sit down at the screen my cursor mocks me.  It's flashing motion is almost like hazard lights on a car, warning me that my thoughts are dumb and I shouldn't even lay fingers to keyboard.

Clearly I need help.

So what do I do to combat this writer's block you ask?  Why the mature thing, of course.  Avoid all social media.  Stop reading and commenting on my favorite blogs (who have regular posts, unlike blocked me).  Proceed to climb into my self-imposed cave.  Effective, no?

Well, I am going to emerge from the cave and push through this block until I am better.  Shitty posts and all.  But it is summer, so I'm bound to be filled to the brim with awesome material.  From the mundane (watered parched plants today...they gasped their appreciation, audibly) to the spectacular (I fully intend to blog-live or on a one week delay-our trip to the mountains of North Carolina).  I may no longer have the handy-dandy use of my iPhone camera, may she rest in peace. So I'll have to pull out the DSLR and really do some serious work.  But I will and can.  

Who's in with me?  Well, if you are, comment, then bribe your friends to join the ride and have them comment too!  If you're extra-special awesome commenters this summer I may be able to start rolling out my planned giveaways for you too!  (plotting and planning are in full swing here!)

Must sign off before I break my exclamation key.  Stat. Outtie 5000.
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