Monday, May 16, 2011


Shhhhh....we're napping
From where I sit, I have a perfect view of a robin's nest.  It is tucked into the space between the soffiting and the downspout just outside our front door on our porch.  Usually robin nests are neat, well-kept affairs with nary a straw out of place.  This nest looks as though Pig Pen built it.  Strings blow in the wind.  Straw whisps out of it onto our porch.  It is a regular hot mess.  We were certain it was unstable, unable to support young life, and therefore didn't monitor it closely.  Yet, that momma bird sat watch.  She squawked at us whenever we dared set foot on our own porch.  She tucked in new twigs, string, and straw as her home blew apart.  And one day, I hear the faint yet familiar tweets of baby birds.  You cannot see them from a standing position, as the nest is quite high.  However, sitting here at my desk, you can see those little heads and beaks peek over the edge, straining for the offered food.  

What strikes me as lovely is the teamwork between dad and mom.  I didn't see much of him as she sat sentry during the gestation period.  But now, he works his tailfeathers off.  He flies to and fro, fetching the plumpest of worms (yes, they're plump...I can see em!) for his momma and babies.  He hands them off to her, and she feeds them to the babies.  Then she fluffs herself back out, settles down over those tiny heads, and waits for the next delivery (to come again in mere minutes). It is a rare occasion that both are absent from the nest.  Then all of the downy heads peek up, as if to say "Hey! It's cold out here! Bring back the blanket!"  

I love that the entryway of our home is guarded by the home of a small robin family.  I get they are not guarding our home, but maybe it is a sign that we have made such a lovely home here in the plains of Northwest Ohio, these robins cannot help but nestle in and build their family right along with us.  It is a nice notion, right?
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