Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of Spring and Things

Because it was feeling like spring here for a while, and then it wasn't.  Because if it doesn't become spring soon, I will begin pulling out my hair, one strand at a time.  Because I refuse to be beaten down by this rainy, cold weather. I made a list of things I am hoping will start showing up any second now.

The smell of freshly cut grass wafting through my open car window. 

Apple blossoms.  Because what says springtime like an orchard full of those fluffy, pinky-white trees?

Tulips.  Orange, pink, red, purple.  Trumped, fluted, parrot, doubles.  All varieties, shapes, colors of tulips.

Leaves on trees.  I know, sounds silly, but I'm ready for dappled shade on the lawn, on my head, falling across streets.

The first hot day.  Not warm.  I want heat...and someday soon the heat will burst forth like a bubble waiting to be popped.  I know it won't last, and will recede back south for a while leaving us with our 60-70 degree days.  But that first hot day is a taste of summer that makes everyone smile a bit wider, eat more ice cream, and slow down some.

I think that's it.  So if mother nature could cooperate and push the jet stream a bit north where it belongs, I would be much obliged.  Please and thanks.

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