Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who doesn't love some good BBQ?

One word to tell you much about a restaurant in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.  It is a place to go if you are a serious fan of a great American food.  Barbecue.  Oh, and good southern-style food. Of which, my darling husband, son and I are all lovers.  For Jack's birthday he requested BBQ brisket from our favorite place in town.  What can I say, this is a boy bein raised up right?! 

I digress.  My husband heard about Slow's somewhere, but I'm not certain how.  Whoever told him about this place, has a special spot in my heart now.  The first indication of it's goodness was in the scent of smoke drifting through our vehicle's air filtration system as we pulled around the block looking for a parking spot.  The second? Hardly a spot to find near Slow's for us to park in.  Mind you, it was 4:30 when we arrived.  The entrance to Slow's is a heavy, wood paneled door, but the paneling is made up of horizontal slats of honey-colored wood.  Beautiful.

A most patient four year-old boy
The host promptly informed us the wait would be two hours.  Two hours?  With a hungry four year-old?  It was so crowded we had to wait 45 minutes to simply get the pager!  Luckily within five minutes two seats opened up at the bar, and we plopped down in them.  Our child sweet-talked the bartender into bottomless apple juices and a giant platter of waffle fries.  He was set.  We perused their lengthy list of drafts, and settled into some Irish ale and a lengthy wait. 

Nearly two hours later (yes, our boy made it-barely) we were seated at a farm-style table near the front window of the restaurant.  We had plenty of time during our wait to peruse the menu, and already knew our order when the waitress came over.  While the wait to be seated was a long one, the wait for our food to be delivered was most certainly not.  The ribs were perfection-not fall off the bone, but easily separated from it.  The chicken, oh my heavens.  And brisket was out of this world!  We also had baked beans (not your standard fare-you better like peppers!), cole slaw (I could live without, way too heavy on the raw onions), and macaroni & cheese (which I could eat buckets of).  I was far too full for dessert, so I can't speak for it, but do know that my husband walked out with a take-home of banana pudding that he devoured at the hotel later and declared delicious. 

The array of sauces that greeted us at the table

Heaven. My Mac & Cheese platter
Will we return-absolutely! We are in Detroit enough for Tiger's games in the summer to warrant a trip.  Will we wait two hours with a four year-old, not sure.  We will have to time it right the next trip.  But we will eat their BBQ again.

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