Thursday, February 24, 2011

Relax Everyone...

The local meteorologists are salivating round these here parts.  Something like 12 inches of snow is being forecasted for us by noon tomorrow.  We just had a storm on Monday.  We're getting another on Sunday night.  It seems like they're coming in regular procession now.  Almost as though a conveyor belt of winter storms has set up over our heads and is rounding them up with great Midwestern efficiency.  

What is my point, you ask?

Well, here is what I am going to dump out in the interwebs today.  I want the whining about all of this to cease.  I get it everyone.  It is winter.  It is going to snow.  It is going to snow a lot.  Plans are getting interrupted.  We're all a little cooped up.  Everyone (it seems) has a really bad case of the "Februaries" right now.  And, well, I have had it.  Up. To. Here.  This is just the way of life if you live in the middle.  From about January until mid-March.  We get snow, and a lot of it.  About this time of year I start hearing people say that they don't remember a winter this "hard" this "snowy" this "awful."  The truth is, last winter was just the same.  Give or take a few storms, inches, icings, thaws, or whatever.  

I find that the best way to handle this weather is to stop trying to rush through life at the breakneck speed we do during the warmer months, and slow down.  Enjoy your time at home.  Read something.  Watch some good movies.  Take a few deep breaths.  Do a puzzle.  

But the point is, if you can't accept what mother nature is throwing at you, I think you need to either move away, or begin to accept your fate of the four seasons and live each of them fully.  

I know that tomorrow (if the snow does actually come) I will be at home, wearing some sweatpants, under a quilt with my boy, watching some version of a John Deere movie and reading a good book.  Before nightfall, I'll bake him a birthday cake and hope that the roads are cleared in time for a Saturday birthday party.  I promise I won't grouch about the snow.

Until April.

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