Monday, February 14, 2011

Give a Little Lovin

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and because I've been lucky to get to spend it with a lovely husband and son, but have also known what it is to spend it without a significant other, I'm issuing any and all readers a challenge today...I want you to complete this sentence:

I love me because ______.

Today is all about love.  Love yourself.  Love your friends.  Love your kids.  Love your family.  Love your partner.  But before you do any of the above, you have to feel confident and self-assured.  It isn't easy all of the time, and some days you have to remind yourself why you are so amazing!  So, I'll start.

I love me because I can find the beauty in the greyest of days, coldest of seasons, and embrace my "cup half full" side most every day. 

So my dear readers, what do you love about yourselves this fine and lovely February day?  Throw it out there for the world to see in the comments.  Let us all know why you totally rock!  It is Valentine's Day, and even if no one puts one single Valentine in our pretty shoeboxes we have so carefully decorated, you'll know that you are loved!  I'm waiting...tell me why you are so amazing.

Love you all...mwah!

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