Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broke Down

So, much like Sue Heck in this week's "The Middle", I should ground myself.  I have managed (in less than one week) break my iPhone and our wireless mouse.  This rendered our computer useless and my iPhone front facing camera fractured and screen very fragile.  I am a walking train wreck.  To top it off, today I wake up with a raging case of sore throat, sick eyes (you know, the kind that feel like flaming rocks every time you blink) and ears that I swear had hot pokers stuck into them while I slept.  This has not been my week. 

Sickness is the scourge of my profession.  Working in schools, every kid at some point will wipe their nose with their hand, then touch your desk.  I do my best to keep my hands clean.  But couple my job, with a child who has started pre-school and I'm doomed.  This makes either my fourth or fifth bout of sickness in the school year.  

So, I'm watching The Last Song today.  If only to see my Tybee Island.  To feel some semblance of summertime warmth when I'm aching, have the chills, and want to plunge my head into an ice bath.  It's brutal.  

If you're feeling like me, here's a picture to cheer us all up.  A little Georgia love for a cold winter day.

Tybee Sunrise

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