Saturday, January 8, 2011

Under a Blanket

Oh January, you are a quiet month.  Introspective.  Filled with chilly mornings hot cups of coffee, fluffy sweaters, fires in the fireplace, seed catalogues, and a smattering of snow delays and closings.  January is not a month you can rush through around here.  It forces you to take it slow, be it driving, walking, cooking, even getting up and around in the mornings.  If I were forced to boil what I adore about the Midwest into one single thing it would have to be the difference in the seasons.  It really forces us to appreciate all the different things about them, embrace the summertime warmth, the crisp autumn days, the first crocus in the springtime, and yes, the snowfall and biting cold winds of January.  This morning I crawled out from under warm blankets to be greeted by fresh snow and a perfect sunrise.  Instead of staying in my fuzzy pajama pants and sipping coffee for a few hours while reading my papers, I quickly got dressed and grabbed my camera and captured a lovely sleepy January morning here in the middle.  A garden under a blanket of snow, resting up for a productive spring and summer.  A splash of red from our birdhouse.  Frost binding together spent blossoms.  A frozen creek winding through our fields.  Oh Ohio, you are always beautiful to me.

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