Friday, January 14, 2011

14 Happy Things

Reading my blogs this morning (it's my version of reading the papers) I read chookooloonks list #12 of 8 happy things.  In honor of her awesome way to start the day, I decided to do my own...and to make it 14 because today is the 14th of January.  We are practically halfway through the first month of this year!

1. Waking up each morning next to the best husband I could have asked for.  Seriously, he is the greatest.

2. Keeping solid on my resolution (now going on its 3rd year) to live in the now. Enjoying sipping coffee on a snowy morning.

3. Jack's laughter. Nuff said.

4. The beautiful basement G has built for us. Drywall done, on to paint!

5. My office at school-it has these large, beautiful windows that look out into our little town.  Today it is snowing big, fat flakes of snow.  Bliss.

6.  Lunch with work friends.

7.  Finding a new evening purse on Etsy. My stepdaughter's wedding is in one month, and I now have the most fabulous black silk bag for it.  Who doesn't love some pretty?

8.  Seed catalogues.

9.  Hipstamatic updates with new free film/flash combos. I could go on for hours about this app on my iPhone and how happy it makes me, but I won't.  But to get a free flash and film this morning? Hooray!!

10.  Grapefruit sorbet from Jeni's Ice Cream's.  I ate my entire pint the other day, and died a little.  It's over for the season, so I may have to move on to Corn Syrup Custard with Whiskey and Pecans to fill the void.

11.  My husband's version of the Up North cocktail from our favorite Detroit restaurant.  It is deadly.

12.  Scarves.  I love wearing them in their many soft and lovely forms this time of year.

13.  My favorite coffee mug that I can fit my entire hand into. 

14.  The photograph in front of me of Currituck Sound from this past summer.  Even when my toes are freezing from the Ohio winter, this makes me feel warm and toasty.

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