Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time for the pigskin

It is that time again...and for anyone who lives in a small town, is attached to a school in some way, or just loves this time of year, you know to what I'm referring.

Football season.

You can hear it in the air...whistles blowing, announcer's voices echoing, the crack of helmets when the players smash into each other, the cadence of drums as the bands flow into stadiums.  You can smell it too...the popcorn popping, hot dogs grilling, hot chicken sandwiches from the slow cookers, and even the musty locker room smell wafting off the buses and out from the back of the stadiums.  Fall is on its way, and I am completely thrilled about it.  Between high school football games each Friday night from now until the end of October, tailgating at a few BGSU games on Saturday afternoons with the family and college friends, and of course spending Saturdays with College Gameday on, as we watch game after game after game into the is fall to me.  This is Big Ten country after all.  This is what we do.  

So, in a little less than two weeks from now, on any given Friday night you can drive from town to town here and find it by the glow of the stadium lights...or by the sound of the cheers and the music of the band.  At each stadium it will be filled with families and friends, cheering on their boys, enjoying the nights as they turn from balmy late August evenings to crisp late October ones.  Every place may have their own traditions, colors, and unique sounds, but you'll find that they are all bound by the similar feeling of welcome and home.  Can't wait to see you there!

Ay Ziggy Zoomba

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