Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Musings

It is Monday. It is autumn. I have been neglecting this space horribly. (Abject apologies friends)

Here is a random list of thoughts for you today. I promise more writing soon. Life isn't as hectic as it was even one week ago, which allows for the creative space in my brain to function again.

1. Isn't this pretty? Stunning? The sunrises as I drive to work each morning are enough to take your breath away. Seriously. This photo only had one alteration on it-I brightened up the dark shadow on the bean field the sun created. The rest is as I saw it. I have said it one million times before-I may not be a waking up kind of gal, but I have certainly grown into a morning loving person.


2. Learning the rules is hard. Our boy is loving kindergarten, but struggling with this whole rules thing. Someday he will be an excellent apology maker.

3. Lave the gun, take the cannoli. After Challenge Day ends, my husband and son take me to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant in the area: Ciao Ristorante. They have this bolognese that will make your knees weak. It is the stuff dreams are made of. And the cannoli? Filled upon order so the shells are crisp, the ricotta cream is fresh, and you swoon. Not to mention the very best cappuccino I've had outside of Italy. It was just the food I needed to restore my energies after a draining few weeks.
4. Coffee. Oh how I love thee. As a small girl I loved to put the cream into my grandpa's coffee when we would go to dinner. To watch that swirl as it mushroomed up from below to the surface and patterned through the mug. Then to disrupt the dark vs light with the spoon and incorporate it completely. It was zen before I knew what zen was. Now I get to put the cream in my own mug of joe. Yet each time I feel five all over again and am, for a few seconds, transfixed by the image before me.
There's my list for the day. I'm trying my best to keep my fingers warm in a building that hasn't quite turned on the heat yet. I am glancing at the calendar across from my desk and notice that it is mere moments until October rolls in. Welcome fall, it's been a long hot summer and we are so very glad you are here.