Monday, October 1, 2012

Around Here

Stopped by my favorite morning read, chookooloonks and saw Karen's post titled "Around Here" and loved it. What a great way to capture what is going on in your life at this very moment. It was inspired by Ali Edwards post by the same title. I read both and the posts in the blogasphere that have spun off from Ali's original one and was inspired by all the simple wonderful that is going on in everyday lives. I have gotten myself into a bit of a funk...feeling anxiety and not handling it well. So I will try my hand at this meditative writing today and see where it takes me. Trying to remember that the little things are good even when my head is a crazy jumbled up mess.

Listening to my career tech seniors talk to my sophomore students about their programs. They are so proud of all they have learned so far and love sharing their knowledge with others. I am so proud of the wonderful young adults they have grown into. I have said it one million times, but this is the best part of my job. I get to be the cheerleader on the sideline as they grow from young teen into poised and career-focused adults.

Enjoying the fall colors and harvest moon. The slow bleed of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown over the greens of summer has begun. As I drove to work this morning it was more noticible than it was last week. When combined with the light fog, perfect sunrise and lingering harvest moon, it made for a perfect first day of October.

Cooking one of our favorite cool weather comfort dishes. My husband invented the quick Swiss steak nearly ten years ago on a weeknight when we were all starving and it has become a staple during our fall and winter meal plans. I have often said the man could create a meal out of duct tape, crackers and canned tuna! The Swiss steak recipe is simple: sauté some onion until it is softened (use your choice of fat-oil, butter, etc), deglaze with a little beef broth (or use the liquid in your canned beef), dump in one can of beef, add tomato paste to taste, salt, ground black pepper, a dash of Tabasco, then serve over mashed potatoes. If you like extra gravy like I do, add more beef broth and tomato paste. This will stick to your ribs and then some!

Looking forward to the coming months. As much as I try to focus on living for the now and not wishing my current days away so I can hurry up and get to the next, I can't help but feel some excitement for the coming Thanksgiving holiday and all the family/friend gatherings that come between Thanksgiving and the New Year. It gives us a chance, even in a hectic time of the year, to slow down and enjoy some time with those we love yet see so little of.

Breathing. My husband reminds me to do this. Even when my anxiety builds. Even when I am getting in a funk. He reminds me to take in deep breaths and let go. He is certainly a steadying influence in my days. And now when I feel that anxiety building, I will remember to breathe and relax.

So, what is going on right now in your days? Let us know and post your links to Ali's post with mine and the others. I can't wait to read it!