Monday, April 30, 2012

It Wiggles!

This is what we heard exclaimed from the backseat of the car on our way to shopping on Saturday. 

"It wiggles!"  With his fingers jammed into his mouth.

"My toof! It is loose!"

I was not ready for this.  I mean, the dentist said a few weeks ago he had moderately loose teeth on the bottom.  Ones that may (or may not) be out by the end of summer.  You know, right before kindergarten starts.  But that was months away.  Ages. 

Not now. 

I glanced back.  Fully prepared for his little sausage fingers to show me a "toof" that barely budged under their force.  But no.  This sucker was a dangler.  Shoved forward in that grotesque way that teeth do when they are ready to come loose from a child's mouth.  This one wasn't even the tooth that had shown signs of wiggle.  How could that be?!

He couldn't wait to get into the store.  Bolting for the first mirrored pillar, he stared, open mouthed, wiggling it with his tongue and trying not to grin.  Also, trying to talk at the same time.  Pulling him away was more than difficult. 

By the time the two of us parted from my husband and headed for Gap Kids, he was pausing at every mirrored surface in the mall.  Checking to see the progress of the wiggler.  Needless to say, our progress was a bit slow.  I kept telling him to be careful, he didn't want to lose it here and miss out on the tooth fairy getting it. 

I swear, he is on to us.

48 hours later and the "toof" is still there.  Dangling by a thread.  I cannot stand to look at it.  The whole process of losing teeth just grosses me out.  Of course, now that he knows this, he misses no opportunities to show me the progress.  I am certain before we get to our family photo shoot on Sunday, he will have a gap on his lower jaw to show with pride.  Part of me grins to think of it.  Part of me is wistful.  Once the baby teeth are gone, he loses that "littleness" forever. 

Sigh.  This mothering business is nothing but heartbreak and falling in love all over again. 

For now, I'll be taking suggestions on tooth fairy amounts.  Last I checked, it was less than a dollar.  But that was in the 80's.  I'm sure inflation has upped her amount!  And we will need the skinny soon...