Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh Tuesday

It is a Tuesday.

That feels like the Monday-est of Mondays. 

I woke up with the most wretched of headaches, I am in desperate need of getting laundry done, I was away from my office all last week for training and am in catch-up mode, haven't been running since Wednesday, feel dreadfully behind on everything in my life, our house in in chaos because our carpets are getting cleaned tomorrow (so all furniture is jammed into the living room).

I feel like I am going crazy! (and I'm certain a vast majority of people would say I'm there)

So here is a little list. A stream-of-conciousness perchance.  Something to make me calm down and feel a bit better on this Tuesday-feels-like-Monday kind of day.  Sigh.

1. After tomorrow, our carpeted bedrooms will shine and everything will be clean and put back to order.  And I will sleep like a baby.

2.  In two weeks I have spring break. A whole week of time to be away from work, in my house, and time to catch my breath.

3.  I don't know about where you are today, but here the skies are the bluest of blue.  The grass has greened right up.  The trees have sprouted leaves.  Spring is divine, no?

4.  Thank you Pandora, for filling my playlist this morning with Seattle 90's grunge. I am transported to the music wing of my high school, hanging out between rehearsals for ensembles, wearing flannels and cargo pants and thinking we were so cool.

5.  Speaking of music, run out and grab yourself a copy of Lionel Richie's new album, Tuskegee. Songs like "Dancing on the Ceiling" "All Night Long" and "Easy" are done with the help of some of Country music's biggest names. It is my childhood sounds made new again.

There, I feel a little better already. Today I will accomplish some things. And I will feel accomplished before the day is through.  So there, Tuesday. Consider yourself warned.