Monday, January 2, 2012

NaBloPoMo-or my writing resolution!


So I have had a serious case of the writer's block the past few months.  And as I'm wont to do, instead of confronting my stressors, I hide in a cave.  With blogging that translated to not logging in.  Not writing.  Not reading my favorite blogs and commenting on them.  Not tweeting to my favorite bloggers.  And then feeling uber guilty about all of this because I love blogging.  And I love my fellow bloggers.  So I decided to add a teensy resolution to my annual-take each day one day at a time-resolution.  I am joining up with BlogHer's NaBloPoMo's January challenge and pledging to get back on the writing wagon.  So I missed day one (whoops!).  But in the spirit of full disclosure, I was recovering yesterday.  Here is what I was recovering from...

Chookooloonks Rum Punch

I did know what I was doing when I made it.  I even posted on twitter to Karen that I was making it.  She warned me to take keys of our guests upon arrival.  Problem for me was that I wasn't driving anywhere.  And it tasted so good.  So.  Good.  And we were having so much fun.  Laughing so hard.  And our kids kept getting more hysterical as the night wore on.  So yesterday I was recovering from a wee bit too much of the punch.  Or something like that.

Today the holiday decor is coming down as our first quasi-snowfall is coming down.  I don't think it can be counted as a real snowfall, as I still see blades of grass and cars moving along.  Nope, until the drifts cover our porch and the county sheriff department declares snow emergencies, it isn't real.  But it does look pretty outside today.  And I'm back at the keyboard, which does feel rather lovely.  I hope I haven't lost everyone!

Happy 2012 from the middle!  See y'all tomorrow!