Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 Things on a Tuesday Morning

Because it is a ponderous Tuesday morning...here is a list of randomness for you. 

1. Those Black Eyed Susans were in my dreams last night.  Yes, I am already dreaming about working in my garden.  That particular planting of them happens to be right outside my bedroom window.  They are also my son's favorite flower. I adore them as well.
2. He made me a Black Eyed Susan at school this year.  Out of a paper plate.  I am thinking it is supposed to be a sunflower, but his point of reference is drifts of the afore mentioned flowers.  And he carefully brought home the bright yellow paper plate flower for me to "hang in my office" where I gaze at it right now.
3. I am vaguely blue that the college football season has come to a close.  I love the sound of a game in the background.  The thrill of overtime.  Even when it is not one of my teams.  Till next fall.
4. Tomorrow a dear friend is having her art show open and a painting of me and baby boy will be in it.  This is beyond cool. 
5. I miss Doc Martens.  I miss the substantial weight of those shoes.  The commanding presence they had on your feet.  And my Doc Mary Janes.  Those were cool and grunge at once.  I miss the 90's.
6. I miss flannel shirts too.  But not carpenter jeans.  Or overalls.
7. I hope muddy March is as sunshiney as this January has been.  But I think by typing that out I have cursed us.

Happy Tuesday all!