Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Hour December 2

I know...I've missed a few of these.  I've stepped away from the blogosphere, the twitters, the facebooks, the interwebs of late.  Quite honestly, life is hectic and when I have to choose which thing goes first it is the iphone/ipad/virtual world before the real one.  But that makes sense to me.  So a break was in order.  And most likely posting will be sporadic for a while.  Between holiday hecticness, (is that a real word, because if it is not I made it one) my work load doubling in the past six weeks, and gearing up to finally finish the finished basement I am lucky to remember to bathe each night!

But that being said, I still have so much to be happy and grateful for.  Just yesterday I had a student sitting in my office and I introduced her to the gratitude practice.  It was so foreign to her, that it took forever (and many eye-rolls) for her to come up with one thing she was grateful for.  But she did it, and then found another, and another, and yet another.  And promised to come back today with some more things.  I gave her the keys to change the course of her day from bad to better.  You could see it in her face.  So here are a few of my (many, many) things I am feeling so blessed and grateful for right now...

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Northwest Ohio winter months.  When the crops are harvested, the trees are down to their branches, and everything is frosted, the mornings and evenings are so dramatic.  It certainly makes my drives breathtaking.

All the beautiful changes in our home.  From our brand new living room in our basement that my husband has built for us, to our upstairs living area that feels like it is finally (after living in our home for five years) come together. 

Laughter with family on holidays.  Truly, is there any better sound than when families are laughing together so heartily there are tears rolling down cheeks and bellies hurting? Both families I am lucky to be a part of shared moments of mirth and merriment this past Thanksgiving. It was divine.

As always-weekend mornings with my two favorite boys who prefer to sandwich me in bed.  Before having my son, I thought I wanted a baby girl.  I married my husband and gained a stepdaughter in the process.  She has given me many of the moments I hoped to share with a daughter-dress shopping for prom and wedding gowns, filming senior night for athletics, watching graduations, wedding planning.  I am so lucky.  Now that she is grown, married and flown the nest and I am the only female in a house of two boys I can tell you sometimes it is good to be the "best girl" of the house.  Mothers of there anything better than the worship of those little man faces first thing in your day? Really?

I know today's happy hour was a bit lengthy, but I've been off my game.  Share in your goodness for the week, month, season and cheers to the weekend!  It may be morning where I sit right this second, but somewhere it is happy hour and we can toast to that, right?  Cheers!