Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Hour

Happy Friday Readers!  I'm going to be starting up a new weekly feature on here, in the spirit of my Path Finder course lessons, and posting once each week on gratitude.  Just a little Friday pick-me-and-you-up before we swing into the weekend for some fun, right? Feel free to add some shout-outs in the comments for things you're feeling grateful about this week, things that made you smile, that lit you up, or generally made you feel good this week.  Here's to our first of many Happy Hours together!

This week I savored some delicious Snowville Creamery milk-local cows, grassfed, sunshine grazed deliciousness.  Perfect for coffee, chocolate malted milk, and cookies.

It is finally cider season here, and I am lucky enough to live where I can get a steady supply of the very best-MacQueen's.  We have an almost-gone gallon in our refrigerator and a store within a mile of our house that will provide us with as much as we would like through winter.  Apple-y with a bit of a spice to it. Perfect!

This video of my son singing

My husband's cream of potato soup. It may be one of the top five reasons I married him.  And if it was hygienic, I would bathe in its creamy, peppery, potato-e perfection. 

And last but not least for the best hugs a girl could ask for-from my husband who completely wraps me up in his arms and from my son who insists on squeezing me "way up high on the shoulders".  These are the food of my soul.

So, what has fed your souls this week?  What are you grateful for?  Chime in on this Friday's Happy Hour and let us know. 

And as a side note, a blogger friend of mine is up for an award-Rebecca Regnier and her sister Robin Gorrell who write Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat are up for the SHAPE 2011 Best Blogger Awards!  If you have a moment, click on over and vote for them!  

Happy weekend everyone!  And cheers to Happy Hour!