Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Hour Friday October 14 2011

We made it!  Another week, another Friday, another week full of things to be happy and grateful for.  I know that I've been super-stressed of late.  Filled with anxiety and not sure how to cope.  Normally I'm the one who is overflowing with optimism and hope, but my well of calm and "the sun will come out tomorrow" is running a bit low.  Needless to say I need today's post.  Life is filled with curve balls and we have had our fair share lately.  I know that at some point my little family will emerge on the other side and look back on this time with that sense of pride-that "we did it" feeling.  But in the middle of stress, well, we are just tired.  So focusing on my happy and on what I am grateful for gives me quite a stress release today.  I think this is exactly what the doctor ordered!  This week I am grateful for...

An unexpected postcard from my far-flung baby sister who is studying in Italy right now.  She used to sleep on my chest when she was a baby, fitting chin to belly button.  Now she sleeps in Florence and we talk on Twitter.  I couldn't be prouder of her!

For a stretch of stunning weather in the heart of October where the wind didn't knock all the leaves off the trees before they had a chance to shine in their colorful glory.  It made for gorgeous drives to and from work!

For this segment on CBS Sunday Morning that took me back to childhood vacations at Lakeside with my family and intensely competitive shuffleboard matches with my brothers.  And of course, our made up game played in the street in front of our rental-with a shuttlecock and rackets.

For the blessing of Facebook wall birthday wishes on my day.  Nothing warms the heart more than well-wishes on my birthday than those of friends near and far!

The way my husband hugs me. Nothing makes me feel more secure and loved.  And for sticky kisses from our son-the ones made of chocolate and sweet little boy adoration.  Those rock.

Now it is your turn.  What are you grateful for this week?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and join in our happy hour!  Then enjoy your weekend friends!  See you Monday!