Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bendy and Twisty

I'm fairly certain I've blogged about working out before.  Yep, I know I've talked about it.  Well the past few weeks I've attempted to start (again) into the groove of good old sweaty workouts.  But my consistent dirty secret is that I hate it.  I hate cardio with my entire being.  I hate sweat.  I hate heart pounding, fast moving, body jarring cardio.  I get all angry at the instructor.  If I'm running, I get all angry at the trail/road.  I know I'm supposed to be all happy with endorphins, but really I'm just mad.  Cardio seems to have that effect on me.  Well, yesterday I was on my way home from work.  I was wiped out.  In that puffy-eyed way where you can barely look up, let alone motivate yourself to work-out.  But I knew I needed to.  So, I fired up good old Apple TV.  Thank you lord for Podcasts.  I found a ton of awesome yoga podcast videos and selected ones to string together into a playlist that gave me a good 30 minute workout (along with two others...a bedtime stretch and morning stretch). 

Yoga and I are BFFs I have decided.  After an exhausting day it was blissful doing those poses.  Not easy mind you.  Little crow nearly slayed me.  Seriously, I almost fell on my noggin.  Today my abs, arms and thighs totally feel it.  But, I wasn't angry.  Nope, I felt all bendy, twisty, stretched out and happy after my workout.  I'm so over angry cardio.  We are broken up.  I am going to listen to my body.  It wants to take walks, do yoga, and never ever be yelled at again.  If you are going to jump on my comments and lecture me about how I cannot possibly be healthy without running, spinning, or some other form of cardio, stop yourself.  That's your gig.  Not mine.  Me and happy yoga are over here.  We like you and your cardio.  We just won't come to the party. 

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