Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of rings and things

So on our vacation to Western North Carolina, we celebrated eight blissful years of marriage! (applause, cheers, throwing of flowers) Thank you, thank you.  To celebrate my stepdaughter and stepson-in-law (I just love writing that out, it is fun) watched our boy Jack for us so my husband and I could see a rare movie.  In a theatre.  On the big screen.  Together.  Give me a moment.  


Okay, I'm back.  It's just that we don't see many movies as a couple, or at all for that matter. So this was particularly enjoyable.  We don't get out much, I guess!  After laughing heartily at Bad Teacher (a good laugh-fest for an educator, definitely NOT a documentary:) we set out for Biltmore Village in Asheville.  We hadn't spent much time in Biltmore Village on our first trip, and I wanted to poke my nose into some local shops and enjoy shopping without threatening time-outs and "you are getting on my very last nerve" statements.  Oh, and without fear that our bull in a china shop child was going to wreck something.  This is how we stumbled across Blue.  From several shops away I spied these giant glass globes suspended in the trees and gasped "we have to go there."  Dragging my spouse along, over brick sidewalks, I found the source of these magical orbs.  Blue is a small local art gallery/goldsmith/jeweler/jewelery designer that will knock your socks off.  I found myself walking around the shop with my breath half-held in, whispering things to myself as I took in each small piece of art.  Then I found the rings.  Oh momma, was I in trouble.  Here's why...

At first glance, this yellow sapphire and diamond ring looked orange.  And I'm a sucker for all things orange.  So I tried it on.  Then the salesgirl told me to take it outside and look at it in the sunlight.  I gave her a look like she must be out of her gourd.  Take this, expensive, beautiful, exquisite ring outside.  Away from her eyes?  "Yes" was her assurance.  So I did as she instructed, and was she ever right.  The rich orange of the indoors gave way to a glittering golden yellow that instantly reminded me of a pair of topaz earrings my grandmother used to have.  I didn't want to take this ring off my finger.  It was that perfect.  But sadly, we did not set out that day to purchase expensive jewelry, and I parted ways with the piece.  I still cannot get it out of my head.  But, life is all about choices, and the time was not right.  Someday though, I fully intend to return to Blue and have Susan West design and construct a ring that will suck the air right out of my lungs, exactly as that ring did.  I love everything about her shop-from their use of 100% recycled gold, conflict-free diamonds, and that the designer is right there to talk to.  Blue is my kind of jewelry store-one of a kind.  I encourage you to look it up, and if you are ever in the Asheville, NC area to head over and check it out. Just be prepared to fall madly in love with at least one piece of jewelry.  Then have some sort of coping skills.  

Mine was in the form of the three-layer coconut cake I devoured after our romantic dinner later that evening.  Cake helps everything!
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