Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the weekend, it rained some

I am hoping your Monday finds you as full of good food, family fun, and love as ours does.  I had every intention of doing a travelogue for y'all today on a place that holds many memories for me.  But when we went on Sunday, well, it rained.  Then it rained some more.  Then it rained a little bit more.  And then it poured.  Then it sprinkled.

You get the idea.

There was no way I was going to take my precious camera out in that deluge and capture the adorable houses, lake views, gingerbread trim, and downright adorableness that is Lakeside, Ohio.  Instead, I'll share with you what I did manage to get.  Happy Monday!

On Saturday, we had the family strawberry festival.  Capped off with smores.  Over a fire.  Someone doesn't trust his daddy's fire making skills...

As the fire grew, so did his concerns...

Look out dad!

Finally, he abandoned this mess for a little game of "keep the football away from momma"

But came back when the signal for smores went up.

On Sunday, we used the bathing suit for rain dances.

And puddle splashes.

Then he made a run for it.

I'm outta here! To the lake!

Or right into time-out. 

Stupid rain!
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