Monday, May 23, 2011

Itching to leave, dying to stay

Sorry if the posts over the next week get sappy, but in the business I'm in, this time of year tends to lean to the emotional side of life.  Today I sat in our school's commons area for a bit while our seniors were taking their final final exams.  They were all a bit twitchy.  Legs jiggling, bodies wiggling, arms flying across papers and bubble sheets.  As they finished they would dash up to the table to turn in their exams, pronouncing with glee they were finished, "finally."  But then a look of almost wistfulness would wash over each and every one of their faces.  Finally.  Finally done with childhood.  Finally done with carefree days of youth.  Finally done with these days of merriment.  For some they are truly happy high school is over.  For some they are holding on with all of their might, though they are loathe to admit it.  Yet, in each and every one of my students there is a little boy or girl who is a bit wistful today because it is done.  Yes, they have graduation practice yet to come.  And on Sunday they'll cross the stage in their black cap and gown with teary-eyed parents and teachers watching them.  Yet somehow the realization sinks in on a balmy May morning while they're wearing their uniform of school casual, hair mussed, and flip-flops that they know it is done.  These child adults may be itching to leave, but so much of their inner child is dying to stay. 

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