Thursday, April 14, 2011

The wisdom of previous generations

Dear readers, this was too good to keep to myself...

Last night my husband was aggravating me.  Well, me and our son before he went to bed.  I made the point that he aggravates people as though it is his hobby.  He finds out what irritates someone the most, stores it away in his steel trap of a brain; will be able to summon said knowledge at the drop of a hat and, BAM! You are ready to slay him.  Except you're usually laughing too hard to do anything about it.  He is a student of human nature, much to our great displeasure sometimes.  It is what I love most about him, and what alternately makes me the most crazy. 

This came up because a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who happens to work with my husband let slip something that I know will be used against her for as long as they work together.  I told her to never let it happen again, unless she wants to be mercilessly teased and harassed all the live long day.  She and I had a good laugh over this.  It is like being around that big brother who is a giant pest when my husband gets into one of these moods.

So, back to last my husband and I were laughing, teasing, and jokingly arguing I began to walk into the bathroom.  He called after me words that I will never forget...

"My dad once told me I could aggravate the balls off of a pool table."

I think my reaction was to fall to the floor as I howled with laughter while hoping I didn't pee everywhere. 

Aggravate the balls off a pool table?!  Who says that?  And why haven't I heard it before? 

My father-in-law is truly a master of words, but this one is now my all-time favorite.  And no description fits my husband better. 

We need a pool table.

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