Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finding Balance

This weekend was blissful. I got to spend it at home with my favorite two men, relaxing some, cooking some, cleaning some, even (yes) doing a little laundry.  I didn't realize just how depleted my batteries had become.  What really got me thinking about this was the difference between my yoga workout earlier this week and today.

I started using Body by Bethenny workout DVD for her 40 minute yoga workout, and am loving it.  (side note: I have no affiliation with Bethenny Frankel. Received no "free" copy. She wouldn't know me from Adam. I'm positive of that)  When I was working out earlier this week, it felt wonderful, but very wobbly.  But today, after a weekend of recharging and rest, I was able to find my balance and hold each pose much better.

Here's to a good week everyone.  I wish you all a week filled with balance, good and hard work, laughter, and love.
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