Monday, April 4, 2011

Definition of Beautiful?

Today I was reading my usual sections in the Huffington Post, when I came across an article by Julia Moulden, titled "I've Just Turned 55...And I Couldn't Feel More Beautiful".  It really made me pause.  I mean, I'm always talking about how we shouldn't define ourselves, how we should be comfortable in our own skin...then this article by Moulden comes along and BAM! In your face affirmation of what it really means to embrace that notion in 23 years for me.  I mean, just 15 years ago the age of 30 seemed ancient to silly, young me.  Now I look at women in their 50's and beyond and marvel at their beauty, earned through years of life.  I work daily with teenagers who have nary a line, sunspot (well, minus the ones they willfully have already from tanning beds, but that is another matter entirely), stretch mark, sag, spider vein, or anything other than pure glowing youth.  But I also see what they lack...wisdom, discipline, and, perspective.  Looking back on that period in my life, I know I thought I had all of those qualities, but as my grandmother so wisely told me, "Honey, the only wisdom you have is to know what you didn't know when you were younger." As a teenager I rolled my eyes and let out annoying sighs whenever she said this.  As an adult, I hear it echoing in my memory and nod in silent agreement.  

I love reading pieces like the one Moulden presented to us today.  It makes me feel so much more confident at 32 to say boldly that I look forward to my 40's, 50's, and beyond.  I used to say I couldn't wait to be 30, and I wasn't kidding.  Now that I'm here, I love it.  I no longer worry about all the silly things I used to worry about youth.  I feel settled, balanced, happy.  Of course, I realize that age isn't the only factor that comes to play in our state of being.  I just believe it is beyond time for all women to cease the worrying about aging.  Instead it is time to celebrate each stage we are it the blissful glowing, ignorance of youth, the calmer middle years, the triumphant and lovely later years...each stage has its own beauty.  So stop fighting it and embrace it.  As Moulden says, "So, the kids are all right, and so are we. I'm 55 and I love my writer's hands. How about you?"

Well, I love my momma curves, how about you?
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