Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick Day

Oh to be home with a sick boy when you are perfectly aware that you are drowning at work, the voicemail light in your office is blinking angrily at you, your inbox is flooding your living room and getting ready to take over your kitchen too, and you left your paperwork in your office.

Did I mention the weather forecast is for 12 + inches of snow, high winds, and possibly heavy ice?

Can I get a mulligan?

So here I sit.  At my computer all morning.  Sifting through emails from parents (who are wondering why they haven't heard from their child's school counselor in oh, like, four days...I was in classes all last week!!), trying to fix applications for our career center without access to a printer at home, coordinate a school survey with the knowledge that this massive snowstorm may be hitting us, calling the doctor's office and pharmacy, and administering medicine to a sick little boy.  He's sitting on my lap.  Heating me through. It's like wearing an electric blanket that weighs about 40 pounds.

In the spirit of my sedentary day, I thought I'd give y'all some fun reading for the day.  You know, since my Mac is my lifeline for now, and may very well be for a while.  (unless we lose power, Internet connection, and cell phone use...then I just might die)

My favorite HBO show, Big Love is back for its final season, and last night's episode was a heart-wrenching twist on the family Christmas.  New York Magazine's The Vulture has a great recap of this sad, touching, and dramatic account of this family.  I can't help but root for the Hendricksons...they're hopelessly flawed like all of us.  Even though I hope I'm not that flawed!

Sitting with a sick child overtaking your lapspace, the best way to get your reading in can be on your smart phone (an IPhone in my case).  So as I was reading HuffPost today, I found this fantastic article about Mommy Bloggers by Kari Henley:  Mommy Bloggers Are Going to Rule the World.  It was a fascinating read, and spot-on.  I can't help but agree with her, as I adore all of my daily reads from the blogosphere.  I have two main bookmark categories on my computer and IPhone-news/weather and blogs.  They're my lifeline.

Speaking of blogs, a badass woman I have known since high school has started her own.  Check out Wise Woman Fertility for information on alternative medicine, and women's health issues.  It is a wonderful blog for anyone who is interested in thoughts/ideas beyond the medicine they give you at Rite Aid...which I know many of us are.

Now, I know many of us ladies are married to men who are hot.  (raises hand)  In my case, mine is not just good looking but also warm.  We finally invested in a vehicle that has dual thermostat controls so I can keep my toes toasty warm while he gets cool air blowing on his warm cheeks.  In search for an answer of a problem he keeps telling me is in my head, I may have found one...because Amanda Schaffer wonders why women feel colder than men too.

Finally, in honor of the snowstorm approaching us, I thought I'd leave y'all with a little video of the great Blizzard of '78.  It could always be worse...remember that.

We could have to drive those cars...

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