Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Round Up

So, how did you do?  It is January second, and I'm talking about your resolutions from 2010.  Did y'all stick to 'em?  Did y'all fall flat on your faces?  Somewhere in the happy middle ground?  I use the weekend of New Year's Day before I return to work to reflect, clean the holiday clutter out of our house, and think about how the past year went.  For a few years now I have made the same resolution, and will continue to do the same.  I resolve to live for the now and not the next.  I know...last post was about the exact same thing.  I won't bore you with the details about how I hope my 2011 will go.  But I have been reflecting a little on the past year.  This was a pretty amazing year for me.  No, I didn't celebrate any major milestones, but in many ways I feel much more settled, content, and real in my skin than I ever have before.  In the years to come, I hope to look back on 2010 as one of those pivotal years when I came into my own.  This was the year I fell in love with a little farm that supplied my family with oodles of good eats for almost half the year.  This year I worked to discover new and exciting food producers right in our region, and found that Ohio kicks ass!  This was the second season for our organic garden experiment, and the first we grew everything from seed.  On a few items I fell flat on my face, a few were mildly successful, and a few were outstanding.  This holiday season I sent our families home with baskets stuffed full of sauces/pickles/jams and a bottle of vodka that either I grew/made or sourced out in Ohio!  I became much more connected to our community, both close to home here and within the Midwest.  This was the year we watched our son grow from toddler to pre-schooler and run right onto a big yellow bus two days each week.  I also began to discover an incredible community of women online through mom bloggers, writers, tweeters, and more that  validate me each day and connect me to so many amazing resources.  

Yes, 2010 has been an amazing year.  I haven't even scratched the surface with all that was so great and wonderful for me.  I embrace the new year with all that I am, and look forward to its gifts, trials, and treasures to come.  

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