Monday, January 24, 2011

New Digs

Okay, not really new in that sense of the word.  However, since we moved into our house four years ago August, my husband has been finishing our basement, and the project is nearing completion this year (hooray!).  It will have our son's playroom, a living space (complete with a beautiful fireplace), a swanky bar for parties, a men's restroom (just picture what that entails), some new storage for us, and a great pantry/seed starting room for my gardening adventures.  Right now we are at the point where the drywall is done, painting is complete, lighting is mostly hung, the tile work around the fireplace is now grouted, and my husband is installing the flooring.  It looks spectacular. 

So, I am beginning to think about the living room upstairs.  I know, right?  We are in the midst of a complete decorating project downstairs and here I am thinking about another room entirely!  But let me explain...the vast majority of the furniture, area rug, etc from our living room will be migrating to our basement within the year.  We did purchase two love seats for the basement specifically, and they're residing in our living room.  We adore them.  They're like settling down into a buttery-soft catcher's mitt.  But once we take everything down, we will be left with only an over sized sage-green chair and its ottoman.  And a floor lamp.  That does not a living space make.  Yesterday I found this on Crate & Barrel's website:

Cyrille Wool Rug
I have developed an obsession now.  It is rather different in pattern from what we have put in our home up to this point.  The colors are stunning...deep cream base with chocolate, blue, teal, and purple.  I adore it.  And it comes in a size large enough for the space, which strangely seems difficult to find.  So now I will obsess.  I know it costs an arm and a leg, but my rationalization is that wool rugs last forever (we have one now that will migrate to the basement), and I am all about pieces that stick around.  The colors give me room to play with decor as well.  What do you guys think?  Anyone?  Bueller? 

And to answer the inevitable questions...yes, I've already started planning out sectional ideas, room arrangements, throw pillows, even window treatments.  I need help.  My mind operates about six months ahead. 

But look at that rug.  Stunning.  Me toes want to be barefoot on it.

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