Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The event

I'm taking advantage of being iced into our house (literally...there is a thick coating of ice on everything outside!) to answer some emails, read some news feeds, and to...


(cue the music)

Order our son's fourth birthday gift! 

We decided last year that instead of a physical gift, we would give him an experience with us...some sort of event.  Right now he is too young to really pick it out, but as he gets older we will allow him to pick out what he would like to go and do.  Last year we took him to see Nick Jr. Live.  While I would rather poke my eyes out with spoons than watch the Backyardigans on stage, seeing Jack's eyes light up each time Moose and Zee were right in front of him made it all worth it.  He was mesmerized.  We even got him his first "concert" t-shirt.  

This year, Toy Story on Ice is coming to our area right around his birthday.  If you ever read this blog, then you know that our son is obsessed with all things Toy Story.  He sleeps on Toy Story sheets, under a Toy Story fleece blanket, has several Toy Story shirts he wears in rotation, got every Toy Story toy you can imagine for Christmas-including his beloved Buzz Lightyear.  He owns all three Toy Story DVD's as well. Before Christmas, when he got up on the weekends, he used to come straight to our bed and climb in for "some lovin."  Now he heads straight for his toys and digs out his Buzz and then comes to our room.  Sigh.

Well, I managed to snag him (and us, by default) second-row, rink side seats for the matinee!  His little eyes are going to pop out of his giant noggin.  While I still would rather go to a rock concert than Disney on Ice, to see his hero come to life will be worth it.  We can't help it...we love this boy like crazy!

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