Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I know, I've been lax about writing of late.  This time of year has a way of getting all of us wrapped up in busy-work, real work, and other minute that we don't always take the time to slow down.  Each year I vow to try to enjoy the holiday season and not let it get away from me.  This year I am finally doing better with that promise.  As a family, we have stepped back a little with our celebrations.  We are staying on budget with gift-giving so far...a huge plus for us!  I have made a to-do list for the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day and am sticking to it.  This has helped with making sure things are getting done and not feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of hosting two family celebrations this time of year.  But for us, the biggest thing has to be watching the magic really come alive for our 3.5 year-old son.  He is breathing Christmas magic this time around.  It started with putting the tree up on Thanksgiving night.  I basked in the glow coming off his face as we unwrapped each ornament.  Who needs lights on a tree when you have a pre-schooler squealing with delight over even the slightest object?  When our "elf on the shelf" Cheerio made his appearance, we got the lecture from our son "you cannot touch, but you can talk to Cheerio," and he is good to his word...wishing Cheerio a good morning, telling him all the good things he does, even making sure he is comfortable.  Just today our son was crawling around the living room making a humming sound.  When I asked what he was doing, he said he was lighting the way for Santa.  Well, why wasn't that obvious...he had just watched Rudolph, and when the reindeer's nose lights up, it does make a noise!  

I am finding myself giddy with excitement for Christmas Eve when I get to play Santa.  I cannot wait to put gifts under the tree for our little guy.  I cannot wait until our quiet Christmas morning when he gets to play with his new toys while we drink coffee, orange juice and munch on cinnamon rolls.  Nothing makes me happier than the quiet times with my little family, and this holiday is shaping up to be a celebration of those moments.  Well, with a a few additional squeals, jumps, and excited hand claps thrown in.  

Keep your fingers crossed for snow in Northwest Ohio too.  So far we are missing out, and my son is convinced Santa needs it.  I may have led him to this belief, only because I adore the beauty of snow.  Shhhhhh...don't tell my husband about our snow dance!

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