Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Happy day after Christmas! Or, if you are reading this from the far reaches of Great Britain or Canada, Happy Boxing Day!  I always fantasized that Boxing Day was a day to lay around, eat goodies, and enjoy your holiday for just a little longer.  Then I looked it up.  Well hello shopping! It appears that our lovely neighbors to the north (and the mother country) take to the stores today and strip them of every possible item they can get their hands on, providing it is marked down to alarming depths.  It is much like our version of Black Friday after Thanksgiving.  Somehow though, this was rather disappointing.  I much prefer my family's version of Boxing Day, albeit nothing resembling the actual traditional meaning of the day.  Today we rest.  Today we are in our pajamas all day long.  Today our son has been laying on the couch, watching all of his new Toy Story movies (2 & 3) under his Toy Story blanket, laying on his Toy Story pillow, wearing his Toy Story shirt, clutching his new Buzz & Woody.  Today we eat nothing but delicious holiday leftovers in new and exciting forms (ham relish, cheesy potato casserole with potato chip topping, salami biscuits).  Today we watch football and movies.  The house looks a bit more like it did 48 hours ago, with some additional toys thrown in.  We are all a bit bleary-eyed and heavier.  But it is bliss.  This is a day I relish the most with my family.  The post-holiday, quiet time, when we have the time to actually think about how blessed we are.  This is my personal version of Boxing Day.  All packaged up in our home, happy as can be, grateful for every gift we received, and ready to embrace a new year full of wonderful things.  So Happy Boxing Day to you and yours!  I hope it is a blessed one!

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