Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The great awesomeness of social networking

So I went away for a conference related to my professional life, and while I was gone, several things happened entirely unrelated to my professional life.  Where to begin...I guess I'll just tell this in the order of how it went.

First, the conference itself was awesome.  I'm a school counselor, and anytime you put hundreds of professional school and mental health counselors in one space to network, workshop, and problem solve awesome things happen.  I always go back to work after this conference ready to take on the world.  I feel that way now; as though I'm George from "It's a Wonderful Life" and I've lassoed the moon.

Now on to the world of social networking and its own awesomeness.  About one week before the conference I found out about an event that would be going on while I was in Columbus.  It was a tasting party for Jeni's Ice Cream's newest flavor and Middle West Spirit's OYO vodka.  There was to be a band, some awesome food cart vendors, and more.  Whenever I see these fun events happening in Columbus posted to twitter or facebook I'm bummed, because I don't live there and can't go.  But this was to be my first night in town for the conference.  And my most favorite ice cream!  So I went.  And it was amazing!  There were tons of super-cool people there, the band (called The Salty Caramels) was rockin a funky/folk vibe, the food and beverage samples were out of this world and overall it was perfect.  The new flavors of Jeni's ice cream were so delicious.  The next morning I called the grocer in Toledo who stocks it to make sure they will be carrying them all (they will).  Because they ran out of pizza slices, I walked myself over to get my own Clever Crow Pizza at Circus Bar.  If you are ever in Columbus, Ohio you must get yourself some of this pizza-you won't regret it!  By the time I was back at my hotel I had a full belly and a happy soul.

The next day, I checked my blog feeds and found out that I WON A CONTEST! The wonderful designer who gives me all the pretty for my blog, Megan, had a contest on her blog Shabby Blog.  I may not have won the grand prize, but I did win some beautiful frames for our walls and am so excited about it!  The basic premise of the contest was to help her friend Forrest in his quest to win a Pepsi Refresh Project prize...for each attempt you made to vote (or encourage more votes) you could enter.  I never anticipated winning, but had fun voting and encouraging others to vote as well!

To top off the week in Columbus, I returned to Middle West Spirits to purchase some of their very fine OYO Vodka for home (as it is not yet available outside the Columbus area) and got to spend a lovely time with Brady from MSW.  He gave me a tour of the distillery, we chatted about their process, and I got to know one more producer even better. This is what I love best about buying local-having a face and voice to the products in my home.  During our chat I asked him (being a girl living in NW Ohio and surrounded by wheat fields) where they get their winter wheat.  To my delight he informed me it comes straight from my very area!  The vodka I am enjoying is distilled from wheat grown on soil I drive past every day.  How much better can that get?  So raise a glass to locavory at its best, social networking spreading the word about it, and people making it work each day!  Cheers!

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