Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is your halloween costume?

I adore the ladies of Momversation so very much.  They make laugh, cry, think, giggle, and generally feel so much better about all the things related to motherhood.  I try to keep up with each episode (they're only a few minutes long) that they post every few days, because they're just that good.  This one I almost skipped, because, well, I have issues with Halloween costumes.  But then I watched.  Oh holy heck.  Alice Bradley, if you ever read my blog (and I'm certain you don't...) I am positive we are sisters of another mother.  Before you read the rest of this post, you must watch this Momversation episode.  

When I was headed into the throes of junior high school, my mother (in her infinite wisdom) decided I was far too old to be dressing up for Halloween.  I was relegated to sitting in the living room with the candy bowl.  Costumeless.  During high school, on Halloween, when all of my friends would wear costumes to school and have parties, I was not permitted to dress up.  It was not something teenagers were supposed to do.  By the time I arrived on my college campus, the die had been cast.  There was no way this prim and proper girl would hit the town on Halloween night decked out in a costume of any sort, let alone one that resembled a hussy nurse, slutty nun, or any other variation of skimpy career wear.  I preferred to hide out in my dorm room/apartment on Halloween so as to avoid the costumed crowds and the questions about why I wasn't dressed up.  

Now I'm all grown up, and invited to go out trick-or-treating with my son and his friends.  I am somewhat surprised with what the parents are wearing.  Witch hats, yes...slutty mommy wear, hmmmmmmm.  But, it is Halloween, so if you want to let your freak flag go right ahead.  Just don't be offended when my three-year old son can't take his eyes off of your barely-there fire-girl wear.  (because he totally knows that you cannot safely fight a fire in that)

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