Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Middle

Does anyone else out there watch The Middle (in a whisper...the middle)?

Best. Show. Ever.

I love it for so many reasons.  The writing is hysterical.  The characters have depth, but remain funny enough to cry laughing at.  The story lines are so typically from "the middle" (aka: the Midwest) but totally relateable to anyone.  You can get away with missing an episode, or watching them out of sequence. (but, why would you want to?)  But the best part for me is whoever is in charge of the set dressing.  Seriously, did they invade the houses in our neighborhood?  The houses of my childhood?  I mean the knitted afghans, the old chair in front of the stuffed closet, the avocado green fridge, the overflowing clothes baskets that are from 1980, the linoleum floor, even the front door on their ranch house.  All of it screams "normal, middle class, Midwestern family"!!!  I adore this show.  I adore the kids with their quirks.  Axel who seems to only wear boxers in the house and mop up the milk he spills on his chest with a slice of bread.  Sue who loooooves being on the cross country team so much she wears that darn sweatshirt every day, even when it is 90 degrees.  Brick who whispers choice words into his shoulder.  (shoulder)  The family is adorably flawed, like all of ours.  The Middle is my favorite show on ABC's Wednesday comedy night.  If you haven't checked it out already, you must.  It is worth every awesome second. (second)

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