Sunday, September 26, 2010

Take care

This weekend has been one big pause for us.  A long sigh as we let out summertime warmth and let in autumn coolness.  We've done things around the house.  We've warn sweatpants.  It is a rare weekend when we don't stray far from the house during the school year, and honestly, we needed it.  The basement project moved forward a little.  Football was watched.  As I look at our calendar for the next few months, every weekend is full. Don't get me wrong, they're full of good visits, excursions, holiday events, a little work, and fun. But it looks as though from now until the holiday season rolls around we will be running like crazy.  This was the time for the three of us to spend together.  Even our son knew it, as both mornings he crawled into our bed and declared that he "needed some lovin."  Sometimes everyone needs to take the time with their families and get the lovin they rightfully need and deserve.  Wouldn't the world be a better place if we all slowed down once in a while and took care of each other and ourselves?  Clearly our three-year old gets this.  I'm signing off now...I have some sewing to work on, a book I want to read today, and a boy who wants a little more lovin.  It's been a great weekend.

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