Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football and food

I can't help it...I have an obsession with concession stands at sporting events.  The junk food they peddle plays to my senses like no other.  The hot dogs, the popcorn, the soda, the elephant ears, the candy, I love it all.  If there was an air freshener that had the smell of Friday night games, I would be all over it.  

Last night we were attending a game to see my boys play (like I've said before...I'm a school counselor).  While my boys were not victorious, the food options were.  This school was Midwestern high school football at its finest as far as concessions go.  There were your typical offerings at the main dogs, a variety of candies, sodas, hot cocoa, etc.  However there were two items that I've never seen at any high school game before, and bear mentioning. A local butcher shop had set up a fried bologna stand, complete with trouble lights strung up on rope.  The sign was a simple piece of plywood with the words "fried bologna" stenciled in black on it.  They had a grill off to the side with frying pans and buns to grill.  Nothing fancy, but oh my gravy did it smell divine.  I cursed the dinner we had filled up prior to the game.  If only I wasn't full!  But the crowing glory for me was what was stationed on the opposite side of the concession stand.  Lifted on the back of a trailer was a kettle corn vendor.  For two dollars you could hold in your hands the best kind of popcorn known to man.  Sweet, salty, warm, crunchy, delicious all in one bite.  Who needed the normal popcorn when you had this? Of course we put up the two dollar bills and walked away with a warm plastic bag filled with our treasure.  The three of us stuffed our mouths as fast as we could.  I may return to next week's game just to partake in some more of that delicious food.  Who knows, I may have missed something, like good local warm cider.  That is, if my waistband can handle it...

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