Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adventures in Healthy Eating

This is a subject that comes up so often in my we struggle with mightily.  Eating the foods that make our insides happy and our appetites satisfied.  We are comfort seekers when it comes to food.  If you have ever read any of my facebook status updates, you know to what I'm referring.  We're always whipping up something, going out somewhere, ordering in some take-out.  It's an obsession  both my husband and I share; one that has bound us together from the beginning when he cooked me dinner on our first date. The foods we love are ones that make your eyes roll back in your head and cause one to moan with pleasure...people, I'm talking homemade three-layer cakes, spaghetti bolognese, Eastern Carolina BBQ, one inch thick hamburgers, extra-thick milkshakes, homemade macaroni and cheese (or the macaroni and cheese from The Blue Talon in Williamsburg, VA)...are you getting it here...we have a serious problem.  

Well, this problem has caused another...we are simply not healthy humans.  Don't misunderstand me-neither of us have major body-image issues. We aren't tied up in needing to look like certain celebs, thin images of our former selves.  And while I can't speak for my darling husband, I can say that now that I'm older I know I don't want to be too thin.  But, we both know we need to be healthier.  So, in his infinite wisdom, (and after several failed attempts with other diets) my husband came up with a plan that I think just may dig us out of our bad habits and bring us back into the world of health and light.  

Here it is:

Eat a healthy breakfast (mine is coffee with skim milk, splenda, and a small teaspoon of caramel sauce and a kashi golean bar)
Eat the same healthy thing for lunch (I go with Amy's Kitchen soups...filling, delicious, way healthy)

We both eat a frozen Amy's Kitchen meal for dinner.  They're so yummy, all veg, and for the most part, low in fat and sugars.  What I love the most about them is I know what all the ingredients are.  Nothing strange on the label there!   For the price of eating at McDonald's, we each get a super-healthy and quick meal on our busiest nights.  How good is that?

We get to eat out or cook at home-but the fun part is we get whatever we want for dinner these three nights.  With our crazy, busy, hectic life...eating out just has to be a part of it.  But when we've dieted, tried to be healthy, or whatever else before, we found that going out was our biggest downfall.  Those (fill in the blank) just looked too darn good to pass up.  Now we are eating very healthy most of the time, and not so good some of the time.  

This I can live with.  We've done it for two weeks, and I'm still sticking with it.  I know what we're eating every day.  Jack doesn't fight us because he's getting to eat his favorite peanut butter and honey sandwiches (made with natural peanut butter, honey and whole wheat bread), boca chick'n nuggets, yogurt, cheerios, and cheese most nights...and when we go out he can pick his food.  So, we may have found a plan that works.  Now I have to start balancing working out with this and I'm set!  I'll keep reporting back in as we go to let you know how the family is doing, but for now we're all still kickin'. Even the pickiest of us all...who polished off fruit/veg juice, blueberry yogurt, Cheerios, and cheese for dinner tonight.  Strange, yes...but someday he will grow up, right?

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